How to install an plugin for WordPress via URL

I use this free plugin, called “Install via URL“.

Here’s how the “Add New” plugin section was looking before installing this plugin:

and after installing it:

For me, this is very convenient when I already have the URL of a plugin, and I don’t want to search that plugin in the WordPress plugins database. For instance, I find myself a plugin I like, I copy its URL, but I don’t want to ask my WordPress to search again for it, just to find out its name, based on its URL.

Exemple: the next plugin I want to install is this one:
(I got its URL by right-clicking on its “download” button, and copying its address).

After installing “Install via URL” plugin, I can now install the cookie plugin just by pasting its URL.

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I’ve rarely seen sites that allow you to customize so easily the colors and the design of the site, like does. That is, the site has a menu, with a “Home” section, and a “Customize” subsection. Just like a desktop application.

The tutorials are short, clear and straight to the point.

It’s the kind of site that gets stuck in my mind forever.

A lot of tutorials I saw on other site have no resources. That is, they focus on the code, but not on the other details that please the eye. On, however, you get the whole experience.
Here’s an example:

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The nicest license I’ve ever seen (it’s on
Here it’s how it looked at 25 OCT 2017:
(please click on the image below to enlarge it)

I’m a great admirer of the work Chris Coyier has done on his site. He has very clear and detailed explanations about anything you can think of regarding CSS and beyond.

That license left me speechless when I’ve seen it first time.

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How to add Google Analytics tracking code your site if you use WordPress?

1. You get the tracking code from the admin section of Google Analytics:

2. You add that code right after the in all the pages you want to track.
To do this, you can add the code in the header.php file of the current theme of your WordPress site.

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How to add a sitemap your site if you use WordPress?

I prefer this free plugin (it has a GPL license)

After installing it, you need to activate it (in the plugin section).
Then, you can configure it (in the Settings -> XML-Sitemap).

“Notify Search Engines about your sitemap or your main sitemap and all sub-sitemaps now.” actually means that you need to click on those links to generate for the very first time your sitemap, and to submit it to the search engines mentioned in the settings.

Each time you create a new post, your sitemap is automatically updated and submitted to the search engines mentioned in the settings.

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