Why use LUNLUN44?


Let’s say you’re new to HTML and you want to learn it.

You find some HTML code on some tutorial site. While you can run the code on that site, you want to run it on your own computer.

So, you copy it, but where do you paste it? In LUNLUN44. LUNLUN44 is a very simple-to-use software that allows you to run that HTML (or JS, or CSS) code.

Big deal! There are a lot of such software (IDEs) that can do that. What’s so special about LUNLUN44?

LUNLUN44 doesn’t ask you anything when you want to run the code. And it has a “RUN” button just below the editor.
Why use LUNLUN44?

So far, I haven’t seen even one IDE that can do that, on your computer. Usually, you’ll be asked to save the file, to select the proper extension, to select the browser you want to use and so on. To an absolute beginner, each additional question can be intimidating. Some give up at the first question asked by the IDE.

A real-life analogy:
– LUNLUN44 is a bicycle you own. You just saddle up, and go wherever you want. YOU are its engine, and you know clearly where you want to go.

– Sites that allow you to run HTML code are like a bicycle you don’t own. You can use it, but you might need to see ads or to create an account to run that code.

– Full-fledged IDEs are like cars. They can do way more things than a bicycle, but you’ll need some time to learn to use them.

With LUNLUN44, it’s quite simple: you just download it and unzip it. No installation is needed.

LUNLUN44 is free (as in “free of charge” / “gratis”) to use, even commercially (that is, if you want your entire office to use it).

It’s very small (1.46 MB uncompressed) and very fast (it’s writen in C++ / Win32, which means you don’t need to install .net to use it).

It has 6 embedded examples, if you don’t know where to start.
If you overwrite those examples, you have a “original version button”.

You can use “Your style (HTML)” lesson to play with any code you copy / type. The code is automatically saved when you click “RUN”.s

In the right side of the interface there is a transparent button, that makes the interface even more simpler.

The link to download LUNLUN44 is:

There are no requirements to register it to download it or to use it. It’s like a new bicycle you see on the street, with the text “take me” on it.

What’s the catch? Why is LUNLUN44 free? When I started learning HTML, I wanted something very simple, which to have a RUN button, easily visible and a simple interface. I couldn’t find it, so I created it for myself.

During the years, I used a lot of programs created by one individual, without him/her asking for anything in return. Making LUNLUN44 available for downlod was my turn to offer something hoping it will help an unknown person.

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